Critical Incident Unit (CIU)

Unit Teams

The Critical Incident Unit (CIU) is comprised of three teams.  A sergeant, four police officers, and a K-9 Unit made up of a police officer and a trained police dog, staff each team.


Members of the Unit are charged with the following responsibilities:
  • K-9 response to burglary scenes, lost person investigations, and weapons recovery
  • Police special events such as parades, demonstrations, assemblies, and labor disputes
  • Primary response unit to all calls of emotionally disturbed persons
  • Provide assistance to patrol units during response to serious incidents
  • Respond to critical incidents such as barricaded suspects or hostage situations
  • Supplement the Patrol Unit in the delivery of routine police services
  • Tactical entries related to felony arrest warrants, barricaded suspects, hostage situations, and any search warrant with prior information that weapons are on the premises

For more information on the CIU, please contact the Police Department at (914) 654-2300.