Applying for Board Approval

Go here to access the board approval application: CitySquared-Apply for a permit

Click Login in the top right corner.  Once you are logged in, follow the steps below.

If your map doesn’t automatically go to New Rochelle, search for “City of New Rochelle” in the Municipality field.

Click on “Apply for” on the left side, then “Permit”



Choose Departments and pick Development, then choose the board you are seeing approval from.  Enter a description of the job, then click Next to continue.













Once you choose the permit type, you will see all the steps of the application process.  Go through each step completing the required information.


Search for the property you are applying for.  Less is more!   When searching, only enter the number and the first few letters of the street name and click the blue magnifying glass.  Find your property and click the green “Add” button to add it to your application.   Click Next to continue. 


The contact step will automatically add the owner of the property and you as the applicant.  You can add any contacts you feel are relevant to this job (Ex: Architect, Contractor, Engineer, etc).  You can search for contacts first and if you don’t find them click “Create contact” to add new contacts. Click Next to continue.


The Plan Review Procedures step will bring you to a packet of documents you will need to complete your application process. Click the download button to save to your computer.  Follow the directions contained within that packet carefully.    Click Next

The last screen is a summary of your previous steps.  Carefully review the information of each section by clicking the down arrows to expand them.