Policing Review Committee


In June, Governor Cuomo enacted an executive order on Police Reform and Reinvention requiring each government entity in New York which has a police agency to perform a comprehensive review of current police force deployments, strategies, policies, procedures and practices and develop a plan to improve these areas. This coincided with a similar request by the New Rochelle City Council, also in June 2020. The Policing Review Committee members were announced by City Manager Charles B. Strome,III on August 17. The Committee will meet in August and September, and a draft report is expected for presentation to City Council in October. The Governor's Executive Order requires a report submission by April 1, 2021.

The Police Review Committee will examine the following issues:

• Use of Force policy/training

• Data disclosure and transparency

• Community engagement

• Oversight/Discipline/Complaint procedures

• Equipment

• Other issues

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The Policing Review Committee is working to review policing strategies, policies, procedures and practices. Public input is welcomed during this process. Submit comments

New Rochelle Policing Review
Committee Members

Lisa Burton
Alvin Clayton
Kwamain Dixon
Natasha Fapohunda
Robin Frankel
Nat Harris
Carmelo Hernandez
Will Iannuzzi
Jason Labate
Wynter Parham
Wendell Sears
Emma Silva
Jabari Skeene
Steven Sonet.
Staff Representatives
Police Commissioner Joseph Schaller
Deputy Police Commissioner Robert Gazzola
Chief of Staff/Corporation Counsel Kathleen Gill
City Manager Charles B. Strome, III
Council Member Yadira Ramos-Herbert