Artist Certification Program


In order to support the City’s burgeoning downtown Arts & Cultural District, the City provides additional incentives to new development projects that incorporate artist live/work housing. In order to connect artists to these live/work opportunities, the City has established a process to review applications on a monthly basis to determine the eligibility of an individual as an artist to reside in designated live/work housing. These applications are reviewed by the City’s Municipal Art Commission.

As defined by the City of New Rochelle zoning code, an artist is:

ARTIST – An individual who practices one of the fine, design, graphic, musical, culinary, literary, technological or performing arts; or an individual whose profession relies on the application of the above-mentioned skills to produce a unique creative product; e.g. an architect, craftsperson, chef, photographer, teacher of art/music/dance, or other qualified individual, as certified by the Municipal Art Commission.”

Benefits of Certification

Artists who choose to be certified by the City of New Rochelle are given preference for designated artist live/work opportunities as they arise in the downtown.

Application Process:

Interested applicants may access the Artist Certification Application form by clicking here. The following items are required to be submitted along with a completed application form:

  • Artist Resume: Successful resumes will demonstrate a clear pattern of activity in the applicant’s particular creative fields. What should be included: shows, workshops, presentations, designs, performances, markets, etc., and other relevant employment.  Please list activities in chronological order. 
  • 3 Letters of RecommendationAt least two letters of reference from private individuals, business people, heads of programs, departments, schools, publishers, concert venues, or other entities, for whom the applicant has completed work. No more than one character letter may be submitted. Letters of reference should include a letterhead.
  • Examples of your work: 3-5 examples of work produced by the applicant in the form of photographs, publications, videos and/or audio recordings.
  • Please select a minimum of 3 out of the 8 options below proving your activity in your field(s) of artistry:
    • Artist statement - tell us what drives you as an artist
    • Your professional website 
    • Organization/business website featuring your work
    • Flyer or brochure  (group or solo)
    • Print or online newspaper, magazine, journal, blog (group or solo work)
    • Social media: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or other site where your work is shown or mentioned
    • Newspaper, magazine, journal, book, or website reviewing your work
    • Book publication that includes and/or comments on your work

Applications should be submitted to:

Jorge Ventura Ovalles
Director of Economic Development
City of New Rochelle
515 North Avenue, 1st Floor
New Rochelle, NY 10801 

Once approved, the City will provide a "Certified Artist" certificate to each certified artist.