Permit System

If emergency work is required, the form below must be completed and a permit must be filed for within 24 hours.

Emergency Work Notification Form

Permit process and requirements

DPW Permit Process
Permit Documentation Requirements
K-Crete Requirement
Insurance Requirements

Click on the link below to see the fee schedule for all public works related permit types.

Fee schedule

To apply for a permit, follow the steps below:

New Rochelle Permit System link:  CitySquared-Apply for a permit

**DPW does not accept paper applications, drawings, or certificates of insurance. All documentation must be uploaded into the permit application online**

Click Login in the top right corner.  If you don’t already have a login, click “Sign up”.  If you used our old permit system, Click Login, then Sign up and enter the email address you used with the old system and set a password.  Your historical applications and permit will reflect in your dashboard.

Once you are logged in, follow the steps below.

If your map doesn’t automatically go to New Rochelle, search for “City of New Rochelle” in the Municipality field.

Click on “Apply for” on the left side, then “Permit”


Choose Public Works Permit


Choose the permit type


Please enter a detailed description of your project.


Selecting the area for your project has some new features.

If you are only doing work at/IFO one property, just search the property address on the left side, then click “Add” You will most likely never check the box to link the permit to the property. That is only if you are doing work within the property lines or specifically to accommodate that particular property.


If you are doing work along several properties, you now have the option to draw the area you are working on the map and it will automatically generate all the adjacent properties. To do this, click “Select from map”


The map will now take you to that property. Zoom in to your desired level. On the left side, click on the polygon, circle or square to draw your project area. You can select multiple areas as well. As you draw, you will see the effected properties on the right side as well as the shaded area of the effected parcels. If you make a mistake, you can clear your shapes and start again by click on the trash can icon.

Once you have outlined your project, click the blue “Done Adding Properties” button. Then click Next on the following screen.


Now you will choose the contacts related to the job. You can add the property owners if you want to notify them of work being done by clicking “Add Property Owners”. Or, just search on the left side to add yourself, a contractor, engineer, or project foreman. If the contact isn’t listed, click “Create Contact” on the right side to add a new one. Make sure one of your contacts is chosen as the applicant or you will not be able to continue. This is the person that will get all the notifications.


The next screen will ask you for your Code 53 number. Enter it and hit Next


The next screen will ask for the details of your project. Complete as needed and click Next.


The next screen is where you will upload all related documents and maps or drawings. You will not be able to pass this point without uploading your drawing. You can drag and drop into the designated field, or click the area and it will open your file explorer for you to find your files.


The last screen will give you a summary of your application. Click Submit to complete the process.