60th Anniversary Awards Dinner

Join us as we celebrate 60th Years of Service to the New Rochelle Youth and Community.

Special recognition will be given this year to community members whose contributions were integral to the success of the Youth Bureau.

The honorees for the 60th Anniversary Awards Dinner are:

Bruce Daniele - Youth Court Board Member

James Genoroso - Court Clerk - New Rochelle City Court

the late City Council Members Rhoda Quash and James C. Stowe (posthumously)

Charles B. Strome III - City Manager - City of New Rochelle 

and the New Rochelle Campership Fund

The New Rochelle Youth Bureau was founded in 1957 with the mission of preventing and reducing Juvenile Delinquency through Youth Development program services and activities for the City's Youth. Their collaborative efforts with local agencies and businesses, as well as County-wide organizations, have created new programs in the areas of Youth Empowerment, Youth Employment, Student Advocacy, After-School Initiatives, and other Youth Development Services. www.NewRochelleNY.com/Youth

Tickets are $100 per person on or before March 9th and journal advertising is still available. For more information, contact the Youth Bureau at (914) 654-2045

New Rochelle Youth Bureau Board of Commissioners Invite you to

A Message from the Board of Commissioners

Over the past sixty (60) years, the New Rochelle Youth Bureau has provided a variety of youth programs and services that have addressed youth needs; behavior & trends. Our programs and services have benefited our youth and their families in the pressing areas of employment, education, leadership development, career and college exploration, crisis and court intervention, services coordination, community planning and assessment, and the arts.

The Bureau is committed to teaching young people that they have the responsibility to grow in character, learn honesty, develop high moral principles, respect the rights of others, and regard education as an important preparation for the future. Your financial support will help us to continue our legacy towards providing quality youth services in our community.

New Rochelle Youth Bureau

60th Anniversary Awards Dinner

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For more information contact: New Rochelle Youth Bureau (914) 654-2045 M – F, 8:30am – 4:30pm