Suez Water NY Hydrant Flushing

The City of New Rochelle’s water provider, Suez Environmental will begin its annual fire hydrant maintenance and water main flushing program in New Rochelle on September 8.

SUEZ Water's Westchester crews will be flushing fire hydrants and blow offs between the hours of 7:30am and 4pm according to the schedule below. 

NOTICE FROM SUEZ: A temporary slight discoloration of the water and a decrease in water pressure may be noted as a result of opening the hydrants. If you experience this discoloration of water, please run your cold water in a basement sink for 15-20 minutes. This should clear your problem. Please make sure during this flushing period that you check your cold water for discoloration. If the water is discolored, please flush your line as mentioned above before attempting to do any laundry. Workers will carry out this task between 7:30am and 4:00pm and have company identification cards for your security. 

Hydrant Flushing 

Customers who want to learn more about flushing can visit the Suez company website at or they can call the Suez Customer Service Center at 877-266-9101.

Notification for Flushing on 9/15/2020
The following Hydrants may be flushed on or within 3 working days after the above referenced date.
Reyna Lane
Daisy Farms Dr. Corn. of Greentree Dr.
Daisy Farms Drive west of Harlan Drive
Shepherds Dr. 100' East of Greentree Dr.
Greentree Dr. 200' North of Shepherds Dr.
Shepherds Dr. Corn. Greentree Dr.
Shepherds Dr. at Jeffrey Pl.
Weaver Street 100' north of Hydrant # 344
Plymouth Dr. 50 ft. West of Lingston Rd.
Revere Rd. Corn. Plymouth Dr.
Plymouth Dr. at Baraud Rd.
Braud Rd. at Standish Dr.
Standish Dr. at Pilgrim Rd.
Pilgrim Rd. at Plymouth Dr.
Plymouth Drive
Wilmot Rd. 25 ft. West of Pilgim Rd.
Wilmont Road

Notification for Flushing on 9/14/2020
The following Hydrants may be flushed on or within 3 working days after the above referenced date.
Ronbru Rd. Corn. Laron Dr.  
Ronbru Dr. 60' East of Andrew La.  
Marion Dr. Corn. Stuart Dr.  
Marion Dr. Corn. Ronbru Dr.  
Stuart Dr. 50' North of Ronbru Dr.  
Seton Dr. Corn. Stuart Dr.           
Stratton Rd. 185 ft. West of Rockwood Pl. (Quaker Ridge)  
Sunny Ridge Road  
Mohegan Pl. 291 ft. South of Stratton Rd. (Quaker Ridge)  
Kewanee Rd. Corn. Soulice Pl.  
Stratton Rd. 50 ft. North of Sheldrake Pl. (Quaker Ridge)  
Kewanee Rd. at Station Plaza (Quaker Ridge)  
Right of Way & Stratton Rd. (Quaker Ridge)  
Right of Way at Weaver St. (Quaker Ridge)  
Arbor Drive  
Notification for Flushing on 9/10/2020
The following Hydrants may be flushed on or within 3 working days after the above referenced date.
Wilmot Rd. 276' South of Stratton Rd.
Wilmot Rd. 176 ft. North of Stratton Rd.
Stratton Rd. Corn. Vaneck Dr.
Veneck Dr. 738 North of Stratton Rd.
Osha Pl. 445' North of Stratton Rd.
Veneck Dr. 456' East of Oshea Pl.
Stratton Rd. 360' East O'Shea Pl.
Wilputte Pl. 358' South of Stratton Rd.
Wilputte Place
Stratton Rd. 191 ft. Easto of Wilmot Rd.
Stratton Rd. 1167' West of Rockwood Pl.
Surrey Dr. Corn. Marion Dr.
Gaby Cir. 300' South Surrey Dr.
Surrey Dr. Oppos. Gaby Cir.
Seton Dr. Oppos. Sturdy Cir.
Surrey Dr. 450' West Ralph Rd.
Ralph Rd. 700' South Surrey Dr.
Seton Dr. Corn. Short La.
Seton Drive
Surrey Drive

North Ave. 65 ft. North of Hamilton Ave.



Treno St. 325 ft. West of Sidney St.



Brookdale Ave. Opps. Lorenz Ave.



Koch St. 110 ft. South of Treno St.



Fifth Ave. Corn. Koch St.



Fifth Ave. Corn. Brookdale Ave.



Lorenz Ave. Corn. Halcyon Terr.



Belleview Place



Brookside Pl. 210 ft. East of North Ave.



Brookside Pl. Corn. Halcyon Terr.



Hubert Pl. 46' West of Sidney St.



Howard Parkway Corn. Durand St.



President St. Oppos. Durand St.



Halcyon Terr. 35 ft. South of President St.



Mayflower Ave. Corn. Hillside Ave.



Coligni Ave. Corn. Mt. Joy Pl.



Harmon Ave. Corn. Storer Ave.



Green Pl. Corn. Harmon Ave.



Green Pl. Corn. Knoll Pl.



Seventh St. 250' East of Storer Ave.



Eighth St. Oppos. Fraser Ave.



Washington Ave. Corn. Eighth St.



Washington Ave. Corn. First St.



Washington Ave. Oppos. Third St.



Fourth St. Corn. Washington Ave.



Washington Ave. Corn. Fifth St.



Eight St. Northwest Corn. Union Ave.



Union Ave. NOrtheast Corn. Seventh St.



Sixth St. 366 ft. South of Union Ave.



Union Ave. Corn. Fifth St.



Fifth St. Corn. Lafayette Ave.



Union Ave. Corn. Fourth St.



Fourth St. Corn. Lafayette Ave.



Second St. Corn Union Ave.



Lafayette Ave. Corn. Second St.



Union Ave. Corn. First St