Capital Improvement Program


The City of New Rochelle, like other communities, recognizes the need to update, solidify and enhance its aging infrastructure as well as accommodate ongoing demographic and economic growth. To that end, a ten-year capital plan and financing program was developed to prioritize and strategically fund this critical investment. The ten-year capital strategy will help maintain our existing infrastructure and improve the quality of life for our residents.

The City intends to invest $149.9 million in approximately 100 projects over the next ten years in the areas of Community Services and Public Facilities, Economic Growth and Business Development, Neighborhood Resiliency, Parks and Natural Resources, Streets and Sidewalks and Vehicle and Equipment Projects.

The Capital Improvement Projects listed below were identified based on a comprehensive review of the capital needs in each and every department and were adopted by the City Council in the 2017 Budget. Funding sources will be strategically utilized and resources allocated to implement the capital program. The estimated cost of each project includes design, construction and outfitting as needed and incorporates anticipated price escalations.

The City of New Rochelle is committed to transparency and communication with our residents. In response to requests for more information about capital projects and to provide a window into the process, we have created an online Capital Projects Tracking Tool. While the realities of projects are often complex and dynamic, this information will be updated quarterly so that residents can easily see the status of projects and learn more about how the City is responsibly using tax dollars to improve the community. Users will be able to view the progression of a project, from the first phase, “Design”, when the specific work is determined and prioritized, to the final stage, “Complete,” when the project has been completed.

To learn more about the active projects in the City, see the list below.

Community Services and Public Facilities

Neighborhood Resiliency

Economic Growth and Business Development

Project Year Funded Status
Armory Roof 2017 Active
North Ave Bridge 2017 Active
North Ave Traffic Signals 2017 Active
Parking Facilities/Complex Parking Lots 2018 Pending

Parks and Natural Resources

Project Year Funded Status
Beechmont Lake 2017-18 Active
Dam Compliance   Active
Flowers City Park Field/Playground 2008 Active
Feeney Park and Columbus Field Improvements 2017-18 Active
Huguenot Park 2017  
Hudson Park Bathhouse 2017 Active
Hudson Park Bulkhead 2018 Active
Hudson Park Greenhouse 2017 Active
Hudson Park Improvements 2018 Active
Lakes and Waterbodies 2017 Pending
Lincoln Park 2015-18 Active
Lining of Sanitary Sewers 2017-18 Active
Parks Signage 2017-18 Active
Pinebrook Ballfield Improvements 2016 Completed
Pinebrook Tennis Center 2017 Active
Ruby Dee Park 2018 Active
Sound Shore Area  2011-16 Active
Tree Planting 2015-18 Active
Twin Lakes 2018 Pending
Ward Acres Improvements 2003-17 Active
Wilmot Lake 2017 Active