Board of Ethics


The City of New Rochelle recognizes that certain financial information may be relevant to a public official's or employee's duties and impact the integrity of the City of New Rochelle government. To that end, the City has established a Board of Ethics to promulgate a form of annual statement of financial disclosure for certain municipal officers and employees, and elected officials; and to receive and review such filings. Filings must be made annually before February 28 of each year.

The Board of Ethics receives complaints alleging a violation of the reporting requirements or the Code of Ethics of the City of New Rochelle; and renders advisory opinions.

Further information on the Board of Ethics can be found in the City Code.


The Board of Ethics consists of three members who serve five-year terms of office, one such term expiring each year. Members are appointed by the City Manager subject to approval by the City Council. One member of the Board is an officer or employee of the City of New Rochelle. The City Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Board of Ethics.

Charles Phipps, Chairman
David Blumenthal
Michelle Oliveros, City Clerk


Public meetings of the Board of Ethics will be noted on the main City Calendar.


Complaints alleging violations of the criteria of reporting requirements or any other related matter as noted in the City Code shall be addressed directly to Board of Ethics. 

The Board of Ethics may be contacted through the City Clerk by email, phone (914) 654-2159, or written correspondence to: 
Board of Ethics
City of New Rochelle
Office of the City Clerk
515 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801