Sister City Initiative

The Sister City Initiative, a municipal program, seeks to build links between institutions in New Rochelle and La Rochelle, France through cultural, educational, youth, businesses and athletic exchanges.

Since it's re-invigoration in 2006, the Initiative has hosted and supported a variety of activities, including summer musical events featuring La Rochelle musicians; an art show; Bastille Day ceremonies; and the La Rochelle Mayor’s Cup race at Huguenot Yacht Club.

In June 2008, the Initiative hosted and entertained La Rochelle Mayor Maxime Bono, whose visit marked the first by a La Rochelle mayor in two decades. Since then, delegations from both cities have exchanged visits multiple times. 

Committee Convener Peter Korn notes, “Keeping history alive and building international friendship is the job City Council gave us. The Initiative has many opportunities and we’re only limited by our volunteer numbers. We invite interested persons to contact us to learn more or to express an interest in involvement.