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New Ro Walks!
Sign up for Neighborhood Walking Groups now!
Over one hundred New Rochelle residents walked together in the inaugural "New Ro Walks" community walk on September 9. We enjoyed some healthy exercise and chatted with new and old friends.

Our goal is to encourage healthy and social activity all year round through Neighborhood Walking Groups. There’s a Facebook group page all ready in place to help form a walk or find a walk to join. Walking groups can be permanent- meeting regularly at the same time each week- or just individual walks for those who have some free time and want to exercise and socialize.

To set up a walk, go to the Facebook page and choose a day and time for the walk. To begin, click on the New Ro Walks Facebook group page. Then register a walking group, following these simple steps: 
    -Go to the "Files" section of the group 
    -Click on "Registered Walking Groups" 
    -Click on "Edit doc"

Fill in the following information about the group in the first blank "form" below. 
    -Name of the group and neighborhood or area of the City  
    -Date and time the group walks: 
    -Location where the group meets: 
    -Contact information (email address/facebook name): 
    -Additional information (optional) 
    -Click "Save" to save the document.

To form a one-time walk, click the “About” link on the top of the page and follow the simple directions. To join any type of walk, just “like” that walk on the Facebook page.

So let’s keep the momentum going and start walking in our own neighborhoods. Together we can make New Rochelle the healthiest city in the state!

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