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Featured Business Application

  1. The evaluation committee will review the status of your business in the City’s building, registration and tax systems. To qualify, all businesses must be registered in the City’s Business Registration system, have no open violations, overdue permits nor taxes / fees due to the City. Visit to check for open permits and violations. Visit If you need assistance contact Lisa Davis 914-654-2189.

  2. My business is compliant: *

  3. Through the City's contract with Buxton a number of licenses for their Local Store Marketing (LSMx) tool are available for use by local business owners. If you are interested in receiving one of these licenses, please answer the following:

  4. Are you willing and able to utilize marketing guidance and spend money on ad campaigns?

  5. All applications will be reviewed by an evaluation committee and qualified businesses will be awarded a window decal to display at their location. Featured businesses will benefit from placement on the website, co-marketing activities, inclusion on a digital-to-physical map, and more.

  6. Any questions, please contact Lisa Davis, Business Ambassador at

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