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Hudson Park & Beach

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  1. Playground
  2. Public Restrooms
Hudson Park and Beach are located at the south end of New Rochelle on Hudson Park Road.  It features a grassy recreation area with a cameo playground, a music bandshell, seating area, bathing beaches and parking.  Parking fees are in effect from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Valid omnicards are required year round.

Beach access fees:
Resident Adult with Omnicard $5.00
Child $5.00
Resident Senior $5.00
Family Omnicard pre-paid
Non-Resident with Omnicard $5.00
One day pass $10.00 - per person
Resident Guest $5.00
Non-resident guest $10.00
All Omnicard Plus pre-paid
Daily Parking Fee:
Resident Adults $3.00
Resident Senior $3.00
Non-Resident $3.00
Family Omnicard $3.00
One Day Pass $5.00


  1. Hudson Park Bandshell

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  2. Leif Erickson Park

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