Bag and Can Leaves for Weekly Curbside Pickup

When will bags be collected? Do I have to put leaf collection bags out on a special day?

Collect your fall leaves in paper yard waste bags and/or open containers,place at the curb ANYTIME and leave at curb. Pickup begins at 7AM Mondays in the North End and Wednesdays in the South End.

Monday:North side of Quaker Ridge Road to Scarsdale border.
Tuesday:North side of Eastchester Road,Beechmont Drive and Barnard Road,to the south side of Quaker Ridge Road.

Wednesday:North side of Metro North Railroad to the south side of Eastchester Road,Beechmont Drive and Barnard Road
Thursday:South of Metro North Railroad

If a holiday occurs on any of the scheduled pickup days, Friday is the alternate pickup day.There will be no collection Thanksgiving week.Yard waste collection concludes October 28. Do NOT mix yard waste with leaves.

What happens when yard waste bags get wet?

Yard waste bags were designed to withstand the elements. And with weekly pickups, all bags will not be out very long.

What kind of containers can I use for leaves?
You may use the same containers as currently accepted for yard waste. Collection will be handled the same way yard waste collection is handled. Please do not cover them with lids or they may be mistaken for garbage and not collected.